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We have examples at the bottom of the page to help you take the correct photos. No worries if you are unable to submit photos, you can call (916) 772-5832 and we can take the photos for you.

Smile & Profile

Perfect Smile from Kineret Orthodontics
Kineret Orthodontics Virtual Consultants

Overbite & Overjet

Close Up of Teeth from Kineret Orthodontics

Upper Arch & Lower Arch

Virtual Appointments with Kineret Orthodontics
Bottom Teeth Fix from Kineret Orthodontics

Right Bite & Left Bite

Straight teeth with Kineret Orthodontics
Virtual Consulting with Kineret Orthodontics

Examples Of What Not To Do – Remember to bite down and shoot back teeth from the side.

Straight smiles from Kineret Orthodontics
Bottom row of teether from Kineret Orthodontics
Kineret Orthodontics Invisalign