We Pride Ourselves On Experiences

Here at Kineret Orthodontics, we want our patients to feel welcome and comfortable when walking through our doors. Braces can be a scary at first, but getting your braces done and done right, have lifelong benefits. We love to hear what our clients have to say about us. Check out the testimonials below to see what our clients have to say about Kineret Orthodontics!

Video Testimonials

The Riddle Board is Fun!

Malia talks about what she likes most about Kineret Orthodontics. Then she takes a spin on the Wheel of Fortune!

Friendly and Professional

Hears what Gustavo has to say about our great team! We pride ourselves on delivering great service in an amazing atmosphere.

“They Create Beautiful Smiles”

From the minute Donna walked in, she felt super comfortable and relaxed. we helped to provide and flexibility and affordability with all of our patients. See what Donna had to say about Kineret Orthodontics

It’s About The Experience

Leigh tells us how she feels about Kineret Orthodontics and how her experience with braces could not have gone any better.

Knowledge is Power

We got to sit down with Marissa to hear what she had to say about Kineret Orthodontics. She lets us know that braces are not as scary as they seem when you get to know the what, where and why behind them.